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...and created a journal for everything my fangirling produces.

All my old fanfics, along with a few icon posts I've made in various communities, are reposted here. Any future productions will be posted here first and then crossposted.

So, uhm...yayyy.
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Title: sail fair to the far fields of fortune
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Rating: PG
Characters: Aaron (Littleton) Austen, with guest appearances from Walt Lloyd-Dawson, Clementine Ford, Kwon Ji Yeon, and Charlie Hume.
Summary: Aaron doesn't know where he's going. Aaron doesn't know where he's been.
Word Count: 1248 words
Spoilers: Anything through "Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" is fair game, but I don't think there's any concrete spoilers.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. LOST belongs to a ton of different people, but I think ABC owns the overall rights. Title comes from "Sleep Song" by Secret Garden. Further disclaimers at the end.
Warnings: A little language.
Author's Notes: Written in one sitting, and then lovingly beaten into shape by the fantastic [ profile] riviyan_questa, who bravely fought through run-on sentences, obscure syntax, and sentence fragments, to make this thing make sense. Much love, and any remaining mistakes are entirely my fault. Feedback of all kinds adored.

Aaron doesn't dream in comic-book frames, like Walt; he doesn't dream in poetry, like Ji Yeon; he doesn't even dream in Clementine's blunt black-and-white text. )
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Title: Ways To Change The World (we are powerless)
Fandom: In The Heights
Pairing: Sonny x Graffiti Pete
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG
Notes: Underage cousins of bodega workers, unite! …I love these two to a ridiculous degree. Mostly BFF-ness with slashy undertones, plus a healthy dose of Usnavi for good measure. Mostly set within the show, a little bit of backstory and future stuff mixed in. Totally BSed the ages because the boys really do seem like they're in the same age bracket to me even though I read somewhere that that's not true. Numerical, not chronological, order. Abuse of punctuation.

you have to commission an artist while his rate is still good )
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Title: Five Reasons Buck Is Candy's Best Friend
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Fandom: Zanna, Don't! (musical by Tim Acito)
Pairing/Characters: Buck & Candy, minor side pairings, guest appearance by Tank
Rating/Category: PG/Gen
Prompt: "Candy & Buck, what he sticks around for"
Spoilers: for the premise of the show, but set pre-canon
Summary: There's more to Candy and Buck's relationship than meets the eye.
Notes/Warnings: First attempt to write Zanna, Don't! fic. Written for [ profile] smallfandomfest. I've been meaning to post this to this journal since November. Uhm. Oops?

Because she always wants what she thinks is best. )
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Title: Undefined And Unobserved
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Rating: PG-13; language, implied violence and sex filtered through a twelve-year-old's view
Fandom/Pairing(s): The Black Donnellys, Sean, Joanie, mild Jimmy/Joanie
Word Count: 1,176
Warnings: Language. Implied violence, sex, and drug use filtered through the view of a moderately sheltered twelve-year-old.
Disclaimer: Sean, Joanie, and the fictional Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in which they reside is the property of Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco. I own nothing but my own ideas.
Summary: Early mornings were all that Sean had to himself. Joanie didn't even have that much.
A/N: Set pre-series; Sean is approximately twelve, Joanie is about sixteen. No real spoilers but if you don't know much about the series it could be tricky.
Concrit worshipped, as is general feedback.
Based on the lyrics:
Everyone you see is half asleep
And you're on your own, you're in the street

Did I ever tell you how Sean Donnelly first met the girl who was going to change his brother's Jimmy's life? No? Well, listen carefully... )
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Title: Such A Squalid Little Ending
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Fandom: Chess
Characters: Freddie Trumper/Florence Vassy
Prompt: [ profile] un_love_you #1. You were right about me
Word Count: 378
Rating: PG
Summary: Who'd ever think it?/Such a squalid little ending/Watching you descending/Just as far as you can go/I'm learning/Things I didn't want to know/Who'd ever guess/That this would be the situation/One more observation/How'd we ever get this far?/Before you showed me/What you really are. Future fic.

you'd be lost without me to abuse like you used to )
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[54] Dirty Sexy Money – Jeremy & Juliet icons

Comments are unspeakably lovely and brighten up my day. Credit ([ profile] fandomfrom3) is wonderful but not required. Hotlinking is a big no. Textless icons can absolutely be used as bases if you so desire.

SPOILER WARNING: Promotional images from episodes two, three, and four used! Please don't click if you're trying to remain completely unspoiled; without context, images tend to be a bit useless, but they are still technically spoilers.

1 2 3

I just want to be a human being. )
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*flail* I fail at that whole not-committing-to-things-until-other-commitments-have-been-fulfilled thing, don't I?

Anyway! Table for [ profile] un_love_you, claim of Chess: general fandom.

because i love chess - does nobody else? jesus! sometimes i think i'm the only one, how can you let mediocrity win? )
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Title: The End Of The Road (Is The Beginning Of Your Life)
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Gift for: [ profile] imsanehonest
Rating: PG. More for safety than anything else.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Billy Shipton/Sally Wainright, some minor Billy Shipton/Sally Sparrow
Word count: 1,088
Summary: Where it starts, and where it ends. The life and loves of Billy Shipton.
Spoilers: Blink
The Request: "Billy Shipton (from "Blink") and adjusting to life in 1969. Let's hear a bit about his Sally!"
Author's Notes: This didn't come out quite like I planned it, and is kind of surreal and deeply nonlinear, but I hope it still pleases. *hugs* I'm so sorry this is late, I was offline unexpectedly for the weekend.
Disclaimer: Billy Shipton is not mine. His life is not mine. His Sally is not mine, and neither is Sally Sparrow. Let's be honest, I own nothing except for this precise arrangement of words in a row; the BBC owns everything else.

There are days—moments really—when Billy Shipton forgets. )


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