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Birthdate:Aug 20
Location:United States of America
Website:teh chica
Welcome to the fandom journal of [personal profile] chicafrom3. Here you'll find my fics and limited artwork.

Adoration and praise to the Beta Goddess [ profile] nikiness.


-Doctor Who
-Dresden Files
-Hitchhiker's Guide
-John Doe
-The Black Donnellys
-The Chronicle
-The X-Files
-Young Wizards

and probably many, many more.

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Interests (139):

andromeda, angel/collins, angst, animaniacs, animorphs, beka valentine, black donnellys, brendan lahey, burton guster, carlos ramirez, carmela/ronan, charlie pace, charlie/claire, claire littleton, conrad bennish, dana scully, desmond, desmond/penny, desmond/shannon, diane duane, dl/niki, doctor who, douglas adams, doyle, dresden files, fanart, fanfiction, firefly, fox mulder, frohike/scully, grace hall, gus/juliet, h2g2, harper/andromeda, harper/beka, harper/doyle, harper/rommie, heroes, hhgttg, hitchhikers' guide, hoban washburn, hugo reyes, hurley, hurley/libby, hurley/shannon, hurley/starla, ianto jones, ianto/lisa, ianto/tosh, icons, ipc karen vick, jack harkness, jack/estelle, jack/ianto, jack/nine/rose, jack/ten/rose, jack/tosh, jack/tosh/ianto, jake/tobias, james ford, jill pole, jill/eustace, jin soo-kwon, jin/sun, joey ice cream, john doe, juliet o'hara, k.a. applegate, karen kawalski, karen vick, kit/dairine, krycek/scully, lost, marco/rachel, marco/tobias, michael dawson, michael/libby, michael/shannon, michael/sun, mulder/krycek, mulder/scully, narnia, newsies, ninth doctor, nita/ronan, original fiction, psych, quinn/wade, racetrack higgins, rachel/tobias, rembrandt brown, remmy/wade, rent, ringo langly, river/jayne, roger/mimi, rommie, rose tyler, sawyer, sawyer/libby, sawyer/shannon, sawyer/sun, scribblings, seamus harper, sean donnelly, sean/kim, shannon rutherford, sliders, spot conlon, spot/race, spot/racetrack, sun paik, susan pevensie, tenth doctor, tess harding, tess/kyle, the archive, the black donnellys, the chronicle, the world chronicle, the x-files, torchwood, tosh/mary, toshiko sato, trance gemini, tricia mcmillan, trillian, tucker burns, tucker/wes, tucker/wes/grace, wade welles, wes freewald, whatever bitches, writing, young wizards, zaphod beeblebrox, zaphod/trillian, zoe washburn, zoe/wash
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