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Title: A Hollywood Teen Movie
Pairing: Jack/Kate. Sawyer/Kate. Jin/Sun. Michael/Sun. Sayid/Shannon. Boone/Shannon. Charlie/Claire. Implied UC and past 'ships.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,258
Notes: Written for [ profile] lost_hohoho for [ profile] averita, who requested: "Claire, Shannon, Kate, and Sun have a girls night out. The boys (make the pairings whatever you want) decide to surprise them." I hope this is what you had in mind; happy holidays!
Timeline: Season One. Post-kidnapping-and-return and post-Sun's-secret-comes-out; pre-Boone's-death-and-Aaron's-birth. Could be considered AU.
Summary: Shannon pouted. "I don't have a very narrow view of what girls act like," she said. "I just want one stereotypical made-for-Hollywood teen-movie-esque girls' night, is that so much to ask for?"

It was Shannon's idea to begin with. )
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Title: One Week
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Claire, with peripheral blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Michael/Sun/Jin, Rose/Bernard, and Tracey/Sceve.
Description: He smells of vanilla and spice, and if she keeps her eyes on the sky she can imagine that they’re a thousand miles away on an Australian beach with civilization just a phone call away. Romantic fluff with a side of angst because, well, it is me.
Written for [ profile] settiai for the [ profile] lost_hohoho project on LiveJournal.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I wish. Sorry. It makes me sad, too.
Spoilers: The tailaways and Aaron’s birth. No big.
Rating: PG-13.
Request: Request 1: Charlie/Claire, sunset on the beach
Merry Christmas, settiai, and I hope you enjoy. smile.gif

When the sun goes down, Claire seeks out Charlie )

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TITLE: Alone
RATING: PG-13. Angst. A bit of language.
DISCLAIMER: Sure, they're mine. That's why I waste my time writing fanfic instead of, you know, actually working with the show and telling Dom Monaghan that his contract requires giving me daily full-body massages. Yeah, right. *goes off to cry*
ARCHIVE: Just ask, I'd love to give permission.
SUMMARY: Claire thinks about recent events.
SPOILERS: Up through “All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”. Mostly for “Cowboys” and “Raised by Another”.
PAIRINGS: Charlie/Claire. Who else?

She sits there, huddled under a blanket and staring with unseeing eyes at Ethan, and thinks )


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