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Subject: Small Worlds // S1, Ep. 05
Batch: Batch 3 // 100/100 // COMPLETE
Themes: 57 - 100
Additional Notes: Comments are lovely. Credit is nice. Hotlinking is bad. #4, "Lyrics", uses a couple lines from "Lullaby of London" by the Pogues. #71 and #93 come from a comment made by [ profile] mitchellxl5. #84 draws on lyrics from "One Lonely Night" by Endway. #88-#90, #94, and #97-#99 use lyrics from the musical Chess. #100 is, obviously, a quote from Doctor Who.


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A collection of 21 icons made from [ profile] mzimmy's adorable drawing of the Torchwood/New Who crew as the Class of 2006! Credit her for the awesome artwork.

Want, take, have; add text to your heart's desire; plz don't hotlink.

[1] Group
[4] Jack/Ianto
[4] Jack/Tosh
[4] Owen/Gwen
[4] Jack/Ianto/Tosh
[4] Tenth Doctor/Rose

1 2 3

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Title: In The Mood
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Gift for: [ profile] tweets
Rating: PG: allusions to sex, death, het, slash
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jack/Toshiko, allusions to Jack/Doctor/Rose, Jack/Estelle, Toshiko/Mary, Toshiko/Owen
Word count: 2,056
Summary: The Captain Jack Harkness AU that every Jack/Tosh shipper had to write. Jack and Tosh are stranded in the '40s.
Spoilers: Through Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Who through Parting of the Ways with vague allusions to S3
Author's Notes (if any): Because I am an overachiever, I tried to get all of your requests in here. Hope I succeeded, and hope that you enjoy!
With deepest gratitude to [ profile] hugglewolf for the quick beta and encouraging comments.
Disclaimer: Torchwood is not mine. Doctor Who is not mine. "In The Mood" is not mine. I don't even really own the room I wrote this in. Basically the only thing that is mine is this particular arrangement of words in a line.

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