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Title: Never Second Best
Fandom: Dresden Files
Character: Carlos Ramirez
Theme set: Alpha
Disclaimer: The Dresden Files is all the property of the brilliant Jim Butcher, and I wouldn't take it away from him if I could because who could write it better? Carlos is likewise Jim's property, except I would steal him away if I could. And keep him under my bed.
Rating: PG-13; some language.
Notes: Written for [ profile] 1character: one sentence for each of fifty prompts.

I know, I know, you're stunned by how amazingly perfect I am, but please, keep it moving. )
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There is no rhyme or reason to this icon post. Not really.

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Comment. Credit. Hotlinking is bad. I think there are a couple textless icons in the Kyle XY batch; I think they're perfectly usable as is, but if you want to edit text or brushes on, go right ahead.
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Icon making is therapeutic. Honestly. And this is what happens when I need to recover from an intensive tech week.

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Credit is nice, comments are better, concrit is love, hotlinking makes Captain Jack cry (and put his clothes back on). (If you are going to credit, please credit to [ profile] fandomfrom3.)

Doctor Who 2005 quotes )

Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) quotes )

Still Life With Iris (Steven Dietz) quotes )

Doctor Who 2005 (Empty Child/Doctor Dances/2006 Trailer) )

The Pogues (2006 Tour) )


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