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Title: Such A Squalid Little Ending
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Fandom: Chess
Characters: Freddie Trumper/Florence Vassy
Prompt: [ profile] un_love_you #1. You were right about me
Word Count: 378
Rating: PG
Summary: Who'd ever think it?/Such a squalid little ending/Watching you descending/Just as far as you can go/I'm learning/Things I didn't want to know/Who'd ever guess/That this would be the situation/One more observation/How'd we ever get this far?/Before you showed me/What you really are. Future fic.

you'd be lost without me to abuse like you used to )
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*flail* I fail at that whole not-committing-to-things-until-other-commitments-have-been-fulfilled thing, don't I?

Anyway! Table for [ profile] un_love_you, claim of Chess: general fandom.

because i love chess - does nobody else? jesus! sometimes i think i'm the only one, how can you let mediocrity win? )
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[55] Andromeda – Harper/Doyle (for [ profile] pyramid_dares challenge)
[81] Lost – Charlie/Claire feat. Jonathan Coulton lyrics
[30] Ghostwriter
[28] If I Should Fall From Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story (mostly of Shane himself)
[71] The Phantom Tollboth by Norton Juster – quotes
[33] Chess - quotes

[298] icons total

Credit is nice, comments are better, hotlinking will get you into trouble. Edit if you like.

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Andromeda: Harper/Doyle )

Lost: Charlie/Claire )

Ghostwriter )

Shane MacGowan )

The Phantom Tollbooth )

Chess )

JC song credits for Lost icons )
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Title: Things I Didn't Want To Know
Fandom: Chess
Pairing: Anatoly Sergievsky (the Russian) x Frederick Trumper (the American)
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters and concept belong to Tim Rice, mostly. Other people, too, but mostly Tim Rice.
Author's Notes: I'm working from a combination of about eight different productions; I pulled what I liked from different casts and scripts and ignored conflicting information, so don't be surprised when you see things from two different and conflicting productions standing side by side like fact. Possibly there's two or three (or more) separate universes being drawn on for this set of sentences.
Also there needs to be more Chess fic in the world.
Sentences are not in chronological order and may not exist in the same universe. And 12 is a total cheat but it made me laugh so it stayed in.

Are you an asset to East-West relations? )


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