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Title: sail fair to the far fields of fortune
Author: [ profile] chicafrom3
Rating: PG
Characters: Aaron (Littleton) Austen, with guest appearances from Walt Lloyd-Dawson, Clementine Ford, Kwon Ji Yeon, and Charlie Hume.
Summary: Aaron doesn't know where he's going. Aaron doesn't know where he's been.
Word Count: 1248 words
Spoilers: Anything through "Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" is fair game, but I don't think there's any concrete spoilers.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. LOST belongs to a ton of different people, but I think ABC owns the overall rights. Title comes from "Sleep Song" by Secret Garden. Further disclaimers at the end.
Warnings: A little language.
Author's Notes: Written in one sitting, and then lovingly beaten into shape by the fantastic [ profile] riviyan_questa, who bravely fought through run-on sentences, obscure syntax, and sentence fragments, to make this thing make sense. Much love, and any remaining mistakes are entirely my fault. Feedback of all kinds adored.

Aaron doesn't dream in comic-book frames, like Walt; he doesn't dream in poetry, like Ji Yeon; he doesn't even dream in Clementine's blunt black-and-white text. )
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TITLE: Five Things That Never Happened To Walter Lloyd
AUTHOR: Kristen Kilar <>
RATING: PG-13. Angst. Language. Violence, ish.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. They belong to JJ Abrams, Diane Duane, K.A. Applegate, C.S. Lewis, Donald P. Bellisario, and Sam Raimi. Spelling errors in this message are the product of a poor school system. Pay teachures more than athletes.
ARCHIVE: Just ask.
SUMMARY: Five AU/crossover snippets featuring Walt.
SPOILERS: LOST: Through What Kate Did. Very, very, not worth mentioning, vague spoilers for all other fandoms involved. Seriously, they’re not really spoilers. Well, okay, maybe vague spoilers for The Silver Chair.
PAIRINGS: Some innocent Walt/Jill Pole. Very vague Shannon/Ash.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I hate my muse. My beta, however, is a goddess. All hail [ profile] nikiness! :D

Walter Lloyd never... )


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