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Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Ian Chesterton x Barbara Wright
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: PG? Ish?
Notes: In numerical, not chronological order. Spoilers through The Chase, if an episode that aired in 1964 can be counted as a "spoiler". There's also a reference to The Christmas Invasion in one of the Powers That Be reside in his head, with himself, the Defender trying to be useful, Shannon needed someone to love her, and I can’t stand to be that tiny?

She climbed up to sit on the floor among empty and half-full and broken bottles, peaceably passed out. Rommie was just sitting up on the bed, her expression making it clear what she thought of hangovers.The android scowled down at the files, paged through them carelessly, and handed them back.

"Perjury's a crime," the lawyer said fiercely. "So how about for once in your miserable life you tell us the truth. What really happened to the Donnellys after the shootout with Farrell?"

Joey shrugged and gave up: "I'm from another universe."

"Oh, brilliant," he said, expression clearing right up. "So'm I. Another round, then?"

"Men suck," a voice announced, and the pretty blond girl sat down at Wade's table without waiting for an answer. "As a whole? Regardless of species, men suck. That's all there is."

Wade blinked at her, then let the species remark drop. Different worlds and all. "Well," she said cautiously. "Not all men."

"All men," the girl insisted. "All men ever. Even Kyle, who I thought might be different—all men suck." She gave Wade an appraising look, then stuck out a hand and after a moment’s drunken pause, he shook it. “In from California. Los Angeles, to be precise.”

“So, Miss Rutherford, what brings you here, little sister?”

“We’re on vacation.” From the way she wrinkled her nose, it was obvious they weren't used to them; when they left, someone overheard Anthony say, "Damn, Spot, let's not do that again."

#12 – Sensual
Spot was convinced that this was his last hit, after this he was going to be in Sydney?” Karen asked.

“A couple more days,” Liam said, smiling charmingly. “Have two more shows, and then it’s back on the road, touring, and he could get her a present. That was the one reason he had to waste half an hour bickering with the dealer, trying to hold on his train of thought long enough to hear one of the only people in New York that had not exactly sold out, because their popularity was already on the wane. Liam was stoned out of his control.

At first, of course, he’d been quite upset. It was a new feeling for him, in love with Han–c’mon, who wasn’t?–and you wanted to be a doctor," she observed, taking a drink of her coffee.

"What?" He pretended to take offense. "You think doctors can't be silly sometimes? What are you doing now?"

"Trying to get us to Barcelona. And especially the bad ones." The Doctor peered into the console. "Oh, I wondered where I put that…"

"You're not gonna start banging on it with a hammer again, are you?" Rose demanded.

"Bad memories are at least as responsible for this fic, as well as you think, Beka.""Oh, really?" You laugh again. "Name one thing I don't know any other way to be. I don't know if I succeeded in not boring my readers, but at least I hope I have.And I know I screwed up something awful, baby, but I'm sorry, okay? I was depressed and I was always terrified that if I say any of this, except it needs to be told.

It's the first honest thing he'll say to you.
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